Which markets does Grams search?

The markets Grams searches are listed in the sidebar in the market status section. We also scrape some of the bigger markets for Vendors using thier PGP keys to identify them.

How does it search?

We are working now to evolve our algorithm. As of now it just searches by keywords in title, descriptions, and vendors. We are planning to add a lot more very soon. See the next question

Why don't you make it do this?

We are working on many new features. We will be adding a lot of other information in to the search algorithm. There will be a scoring system based on keywords, number of transaction, good reviews, and number of click from our site. Based on all that we hope to return the best results possible. Later down the line we will be adding a sort feature to sort by price, country, and market.

Who has the best xxx drug?

Grams is not a market place. Users can not buy or sell drug or any other illegal items on Grams. Grams is simply a search engine

How often do you index the markets?

Market listings are updated every 3 days. And when any market use our API, their listings are updated every 24 hours"

How do I get my market on Grams?

We have built an api system for markets to install. It is very easy and usually only take an hour or so to implement. Send us an email and we'll give you all the info.

How can I advertise on Grams

Grams has built an advertising system Called GramsWords.You must have a Grams account to use it. Please check Deepdot's guide to using GramsWords

Helix FAQ

Check the URL

Helix is very popular and because of this there is a lot of scam sites out there that look like helix but just steal your bitcoins. If you having a problems with helix check the url of the site you used and make sure it is actually the Official Helix URL
https://helixmixer.org/helix/light If it is not , I am sorry for you loss but you have been scammed. Grams has been trying to get links to these scam sites removed but they keep popping up.

I sent the bitcoins but it is not confirming.

Bitcoin Confirmations are not controlled by Grams/Helix.
The confirmations are part of the bitcoin system. How fast a transaction gets confirmed depends on a few things.
Mainly the amount of transaction fee you included in the transactions
Number of transactions waiting to be confirmed.

If you didn't include a transaction fee it could take hours or even days to get 1 confirmations. When the bitcoin network is flooded with spam transaction like it was the past few days, you must include a larger transaction fee to move to the head of the line of all the spam transactions. This is a very simple explanation. If you don't know what a transaction fee is or how to set it, then you need to read up more on bitcoins. you can find good information at the sub-reddits /r/bitcoin and /r/DarkNetMarketsNoobs.

It says the Helix Light is complete but I have not receieved my bitcoins.

It has been a while and I still haven't recieved my bitcoins.

Most Helix transaction take at least 40 min, they can take longer if you add a random delay or if we are preforming system maintenance.
Please wait at least an hour after the time your bitcoins were set to arrive before contacting support.
At least once a week we get emails from scared users and by the time we get back to them they tell us the bitcoins have gone through.

I sent my bitcoins to an expired Helix address or sent two transactions to a helix light
What now? .